Fire Warden Course – Newcastle

Fire Warden Course

Fire Warden Course – What’s Included?

On completion of the Fire Warden Course the candidate will:

  • Be aware of the fire evacuation procedure
  • Know how to act in an emergency evacuation procedure
  • Know the typical role of the fire warden in the workplace in relation to workplace safety
  • Be aware of fire safety duties under the law
  • Be able to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers
  • Be able to recognise the way people behave in a fire situation
  • Be competent in your duties during an evacuation
  • Recognise the need for fire evacuation drills and pre planning in the event of fire
  • Be aware of how to prevent fire or limit its impact.

Fire Warden Course – Detailed Programme

  • Fire warden role fully explained
  • Fire evacuation procedure
  • Emergency fire evacuation incidents
  • Risk assessment
  • Human behaviour
  • Fire behaviour
  • Weekly checks
  • Practical means of reducing risk
  • Practical fire extinguisher operation
  • Test (not compulsory)