Dry Riser Testing


Dry and Wet riser testing by Crusader Fire; throughout the North East including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Northumberland, Durham, Teesside & Hartlepool to service your dry riser needs.

A dry riser is one of the most effective fire fighting equipment. Dry riser testing is a legal requirement according to the British Standard Code of Practice BS9990:2015, where a full annual pressure test & visual check is required for dry riser(s) within buildings above 18 metres and below 60 metres.

Dry Riser TestingĀ 

Regular dry riser testing is essential to ensure the equipment is is good working order. Servicing and maintenance of the equipment should also carried out at this time. The importance of a working dry riser can not be underestimated. The Fire brigade depends on dry risers in their fight against fire. If they cannot quickly and easily access the equipment or if it is faulty it may hamper their attempts to fight the fire so further endanger lives.

Annual Wet TestĀ 

  • Dry risers are checked and pressure tested to 150 PSL or 12 bar for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • All insets and outlets are checked for leaks and any missing or faulty items replaced

6 Monthly Visual Test

  • The visual inspection of dry risers, required every 6 months, is to ensure that there are no obvious signs of damage or vandalism.
  • It is important to document this and to quickly repair or replace any damaged or missing parts.

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